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We are very sad to announce the passing of our much loved Kathy Kirby. She has died at the age of 72 after a short illness. She will be greatly missed. May her music play on in our hearts.

Kathy Kirby
1938 - 2011


Available for order from Odeon Entertainment now CLICK HERE



If you missed the interview James did on the Robert Elm show BBC Radio London it is available at BBC Online.



The complete refurbishment of Kathy's apartment has now been completed, and James accompanied Kathy back home this week. The flat looks wonderful and Kathy is fine, and is very happy to be home and very pleased with the transformation of her home.


With a national postal strike looking more and more likely, we would kindly suggest that anyone who wants to send Kathy a card or present for her birthday on October 20th to get it off to James as soon as possible.


It's all good news on the Kathy Kirby DVD front. Odeon Entertainment have made a lot of progress and the release is on schedule for the end of October. Kathy is delighted with the progress so far and has recorded a special message on the DVD for all her fans and well-wishers.


We are sure all Kathy's many fans will be pleased to hear that the Hospital Medical Team are all pleased with Kathy's swift progress and she has been told today she is to be released from hospital within the next couple of days.

A statement from
Odeon Entertainment
and this website

All of us at this official site feel that Kathy's health is a very personal matter to both the lady herself and her close circle of friends. Graham Smith on his Kathy Kirby site - a site that Kathy does not support - has made an announcement that Kathy is currently in hospital. He also says he has a series of radio broadcasts lined up to talk about her. He describes himself as her biographer and friend.  Both are untrue claims.  He has never met the lady and certainly they do know each other in the slightest.  We find it morally objectionable that someone who does not know her, considers he is in a position to give out personal information about her private life, and feels qualified to talk about her in broadcasts. No one close to Kathy, Odeon Entertainment, this website or www.kathykirby.org.uk has any contact with the gentleman. To set the record straight Kathy is in hospital for tests.
Also because of these developments, we are making it public that Kathy, on the advice of Ernest Maxin, summoned an Equity solicitor to her apartment to see what could be done about stopping the touring show about her life Graham Smith was presenting. Kathy felt a small scale production, playing mostly small venues was not something she felt she could support.  Sadly there was little that could be done.  However her objections are on record with the London Equity office.

»»» STOP PRESS «««

Odeon Entertainment and Decca Music Group have just announced that due to the discovery of valuable additional material for both the CD and DVD projects, the release date will now be early 2010. The additions include rare audio that will be remastered and new footage of Kathy singing to camera shot this year.

On Sunday afternoon the 21st June, Paul read out a long antidote about Kathy from a devoted fan on his BBC Radio 2 nationwide Sunday afternoon programme. He then mentioned his office had been absolutely inundated with requests for more Kathy recordings after he played her a couple of weeks ago.  Might be worth while tuning in to his weekly Sunday programme, or better still send in your own request to Paul.

Ernest Maxin was recently invited to talk about his illustrious career on BBC Radio Kent. He was also asked to select a number of his favourite songs. After speaking lovingly about Kathy, her recording of "Body and Soul" was played. After the broadcast went out, Ernest received a telephone call from the radio station. The response to Kathy's recording had been totally overwhelming with calls and emails to the station.  All asking to hear more of Kathy's work.

We have just discovered two recordings Kathy did live for the BBC Radio Light Programme  "Saturday Club" in 1963.  Unheard since the original broadcast - they can now be heard again - for the first time in 43 years - on the jukebox.  The songs are "Got Alot of Living to Do" and "Stay Right Here (and Love You).


Over the next few weeks we shall be treating you to some sneak previews from the forthcoming Kathy Kirby DVD from Odeon Entertainment.


At the recent memorial service for the late Bill Cotton. Ernest Maxin was surrounded by members of the congregation after he mentioned that he had been in touch with Kathy and was  due to film his contribution for the forthcoming DVD.  BBC staff from the old days bombarded him with questions about her and how she is today.  He was overwhelmed with the interest shown in her. 
Here is a link to the memorial service


Kathy's Musical Director Charles Blackwell, who was responsible for the majority of the arrangements of her recording catalogue, is to contribute his memories and thoughts on camera for the forthcoming DVD.

Kathy on Film - Part 2

This week Kathy filmed the second and final part of her contribution for the forthcoming DVD. She was captured on camera in conversation with her BBC tv director, the legendary Ernest Maxin


Click the thumbnails to see the full size versions


Kathy Interview

For those of you that were unable to get your hands on a copy of the Sunday Express interview. Click the newspaper above to see the online version.

A Rare Treat

OK Kathy fans. We have a treat for you in our Jukebox section. In our large selection of Kathy Kirby music we have a rare recording. After the Eurovision Song Contest Kathy recorded "I Belong" in several languages. We have the never before released Italian version. Goda di (enjoy).

We also have two never heard before tracks.  From the Decca archive "Now I Know" and from the EMI archive "Memories" plus two live recordings from the "Long Lost BBC Shows" CD "Buddy Can You Spare a Dime" and (sung in Spanish) "The History of Love".

Kathy Kirby Timeline

Kathy Kirby has had many prominent moments in her career see the highlights of these events here.

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to my only official Kathy Kirby website. Thank you for checking it out. I do hope you enjoy it.

The site is overseen by my very good friend JAMES HARMAN who will be happy to respond to any enquires or requests that you send to him. Any suggestions to make the site more interesting are also gratefully received. Any messages for my attention, are of course re-directed to me by James.

It has always amazed me that, after a quarter of a century away from the spotlight, I continue to attract such a large fan base and seem to be etched into so many peoples psyche. It gives me such great pleasure to know that my music and recordings continue to this day to provide so much pleasure.

My audiences during the years I was performing were always so important to me; and I have leant in recent years, that they continue to remain as important today, due to the response of the legacy of my recording work. That means the world to me.

I would like to express my appreciation to the team at Odeon Entertainment who have created this website for me together with their web designer
Murph (Spider Design).

It just remains for me to say: "MY THANKS TO YOU"




Here we will showcase some of the special pictures we have of Kathy for you to enjoy.
These will be changed every so often so you can enjoy a variety.

Returning Home From South Africa

At Home In Mayfair

Gone Fishing

Accepting The Applause

Relaxing On Holiday


Here are some new photographs taken at Kathy's Birthday party.

Kathy & Michael

Kathy & "Taxi" Tony

Kathy & Les


Today Magazine 1963

Kathy Kirby on the set of her BBC TV Show


The Palladium Show 1965 courtesy of Rex Features 0207 278 7294


Kathy Kirby by Raymond CarterKathy Kirby by Raymond Carter

Kathy Kirby by Raymond Carter


Kathy KirbyKathy Kirby

From the Carl Cresham Group Archive (01274  735880)


The Palladium Show 1965 courtesy of Rex Features 0207 278 7294

kathy kirby paladium 1965

The Palladium Show 1965 courtesy of Rex Features 0207 278 7294


Kathy Kirby PalladiumKathy Kirby 1965

"The London Palladium Show" filmed for the American Market, and shown in the U.K. in 1966.
Courtesy of Rex Features 0207 278 7294